We Will Build Your Apps To Improve The Way You Work, Learn and Play


Full Development for Mobile Phone Technology.

From concept and development to launch Code-Monkeys is equipped to meet your mobile phone development needs. iPhone, Android, Blackberry: We know the platforms and can create the right app for your business.  Contact us to make your next mobile app.



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Reach Your Audience With Well Designed Tablet Apps


Tablet App Development.

Tablets are hot. RBC Capital Markets expects tablets to increase from 3 percent of total computing shipments in calendar 2010 to 12 percent in calendar 2014.  To put in context, Gartner estimates that tablet sales are expected to reach 326.3 million units by the end of 2015. Code-Monkeys has an experienced team that has developed hundreds of tablet applications ranging from geo-location tools to video games. Infographic showing tablet growth. Contact us to build your next tablet app.

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Ultrabook Designed Apps To Fully Utilize Groundbreaking Technology


Your Partner for Ultrabook innovation 

As an award winning partner with Intel, we have developed many apps for the Ultrabook Intel AppUp platform for the biggest names in mobile computing. With the Ultrabooks market poised to “redefine PCs”, we bring all of our expertise to help you innovate and succeed with your next Ultrabook application.

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Code-Monkeys: A Leader In Web Development


Meeting All Your Web Development Needs  

Code-Monkeys has over a decade of web and database development experience with a wide range of businesses and non-profits.  Contact us for your web needs.

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Lead The Way With HTML5 Development 


Elegant HTML5 development has become a standard for keeping a leading edge in app and web projects  From “mobile-first initiatives” to responsive design and seamless devices access, we help you build better HTML 5 mobile apps. Contact us if you have html5 questions.

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Code-Monkeys: Leaders In Game Design


Games bring out the most creative aspects of the CM Team.

From in-house titles like Bok Choy Boys to custom contract work with award-winning development shops, Code-Monkeys is known to design and build successful games. Let us know how we can help you develop your next game. We offer a full service shop from game design, art, sound, unity 3d programing and much more. 

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